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Northampton Horse Show

August 8-11, 2019, Celebrating our 30th year!

USEF A Rated Hunters | 2* Jumpers

Hosted at Three County Fair Grounds

Northampton, Ma

I would personally like to welcome you to the 2018 Northampton Hunter/Jumper Horse Show. It is an honor for AIR Show Jumping to lead the Northampton Horse Show into its 30th year of operation.

I would like to begin by thanking every member of the Horseman’s Advisory Committee who have spent countess hours grooming through our class list, providing insight, guidance, and unwavering support for AIR Show Jumping in this time of transition. Every member of the Horseman’s committee has either shown or been involved with the Northampton Horse Show for the better part of two decades. You can feel their dedication in every phone call, text message, and email sent regarding this show. I would like to thank all off you who have helped me get this show off the ground for 2018. Running a horse show of this size can be an ambitious task; However, with the phenomenal people we have on board, I am pleased to say this has been an easy and seamless transition.  I genuinely look forward to working with everyone to make this horse show a success.

Next I would like to thank our many generous sponsors. This years sponsors have gone above and beyond to help ensure the success of our horse show. As you look through this book, you will see business’ and individuals who have chosen to sponsor a horse show that is dedicated to serving the equestrian community. Sponsorship of this show is what allows us to offer the significant prize money, lower exhibitor costs, and most importantly allows us the ability to create a show that has a unique and inviting atmosphere.  We welcome you and your barn to consider a sponsorship of the Northampton Horse Show. As a sponsor you will be supporting a horse show that has been the staple of the New England area for 28 years. Your sponsorship will go towards the support of local colleges, continuing a legacy of show jumping and supporting the dedicated trainers and stables here in the Northeast.

Finally, i would like to thank you, our exhibitors, for choosing the Northampton Horse Show. With so many showing options in Zone 1 and Zone 2, we are both dedicated and proud to provide a show that will exceed your expectations. Between our permanent barns, variety of high-end vendors and this years exceptional exhibitors party, no details have been overlooked! AIR Show Jumping will be bringing some exciting new improvements with us this year, including a brand new Reveal 4n1 drag that will bring some much need improvements to the footing. From the moment we’re allowed on the property to the start of the show, we will be working tirelessly to maintain and care for the footing. As a horseman myself I know the importance of maintaining good footing, and will endeavor to ensure the best possible footing for you and your horse.

For those who may not know me, I have been riding and showing in this industry my entire life. Showing at many of the top venues in the country has allowed me to learn what it takes to put together a successful horse show that the exhibitors deserve. I have implemented these ideas and I know we will have a wonderful and enjoyable Northampton Hunter/Jumper Horse Show this year! I hope I can earn your trust as AIR Show Jumping embarks on this new and exciting adventure! I always love to hear from the exhibitors, so if you see me anywhere on or off the show grounds don’t hesitate to stop and talk to me about the show! I love hearing new ideas! I look forward to seeing everyone at the 2019 Northampton Horse Show.

How to enter on-line!

We encourage you to enter this show online using these convenient methods:

 Free Online entry using, free to create an account, order hay and bedding, and submit online ads and scratches.

Or, if you are a member of Equestrian Connect, you can submit your entries online via:

List of Recognized Organizations

USEF A Rating | Jumper 2* - #5500

USHJA Outreach

Capital District Hunter Jumper Council (CDHJC 'C')

New England Horseman's Council (NEHC AA)

Massachusetts Horseman's Council (MHC AA)

Western New England PHA (WNEPHA)

New Hampshire Hunter Jumper (Pending)

North American League (NAL)

Marshall and Sterling League (M&S)

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