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Northampton Horse Show

August 8-11, 2019, Celebrating our 30th year!

USEF A Rated Hunters | 2* Jumpers

Hosted at Three County Fair Grounds

Northampton, Ma

Welcome Exhibitors, Trainers, and Sponsors;


I would personally like to welcome you to the 2019 Northampton Hunter/Jumper Horse Show. It is an honor for AIR Show Jumping to lead the Northampton Horse Show into its 30th year.

I would like to begin by thanking our amazing exhibitors and trainers for making the 2018 show a SOLD OUT success! Every member of the AIR Show Jumping team worked tirelessly last year, pulling long hours to ensure the success of the show!. This year we are going to expand your experience with the following improvements to the Northampton Horse Show:

Increased secretarial staff. Last year long lines at check out were frustrating for everyone involved. This year we are fully prepared to handle the increased entries, and will give each and every one of our participants, whether showing in the Outreach show or the Northampton Classic, the dedicated attention they deserve.

This year we will make full use of Horse Shows Online “Live Ring Status” feature. Each in-gate will have a dedicated computer and monitor screen that will display LIVE information of each ring at the show. Exhibitors will be able to pull up this information on their phones at

This year we are expanding the classes offered in the Outreach Show. The Northampton Outreach Show will feature Outreach Jumper classes that will run alongside the regular schedule of Jumper Classes, by doing this we are able to reduce the number of USEF fees that are required in-order to compete in these divisions. Included in this book, is an “Exhibitors Guide” which will layout exactly what is needed to show in both the USEF show and the Outreach show, hopefully avoiding confusion during check-in and check-out.

This year the fairgrounds is graciously allowing us the use of the five main barns outside the indoor avoiding the need to spread horses all over the show grounds. I want to take a moment to thank the fairgrounds for their continued support of the Northampton Show, each year they work tirelessly along side our staff to insure a positive outcome for the show. Their dedication to the Northampton show is evident, in their long hours preparing the grounds for our event.

LOWER SHOW FEES. No one wants to pay a lot of show fees! So this year we have completely done away with the “Grounds Fee”, instead exhibitors will only be required to pay a one time Office and Emt fee at the start of the show.

Group stall prices. You have supported the Northampton Show for 30 years, and its time for us to give back! If you bring 5 horses to our show, you will get a 6th stall free! So bring that extra horse, or bring your extra stuff, and you will not have to worry about the extra stall!

Addition of a fourth annex ring. The town of Northampton is a wonderful place! We want to make sure you are able to enjoy it this year! Adding a fourth ring should cut the number of entries down in the Arena and should allow the show to get done at a reasonable hour!

Every year I look forward to the Northampton Show and seeing everyone.  I hope you will find the improvements made for 2019 to your liking, and if you have any suggestions please don’t hesitate to ask.


Good luck to all our exhibitors!

How to enter on-line!

We encourage you to enter this show online using these convenient methods:

 Free Online entry using, free to create an account, order hay and bedding, and submit online ads and scratches.

List of Recognized Organizations

USEF A Rating | Jumper 2* - #5500

USHJA Outreach

Capital District Hunter Jumper Council (CDHJC 'C')

New England Horseman's Council (NEHC AA)

Massachusetts Horseman's Council (MHC AA)

Western New England PHA (WNEPHA)

New Hampshire Hunter Jumper

Down East Medal Finals

North American League (NAL)

Marshall and Sterling League (M&S)

A.I.R. Show Jumping, LLC

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